Our innovation partnership zone (IPZ) is an initiative designed to grow and support tech companies located in Downtown Vancouver and East Vancouver/Camas Employment Center by cultivating partnerships between private business, education, and local governments and Agencies.  

The IPZ in downtown Vancouver is working to grow its tech cluster by supporting complementary businesses- the coffee shops, bars, breweries, restaurants, food trucks, and vibrant public spaces that help firms recruit and retain top tech talent. Since the formation of the IPZ in 2013, brewpubs and taprooms, as well as tech firms, have proliferated in Downtown Vancouver. Much of the desire to locate within the IPZ is a result of committed collaboration and hard work by the IPZ partners through creating and hosting events, education, and business recruitment.

In East Vancouver/Camas, the IPZ focus is on mature tech businesses to create meaningful connections to education through mentorships, project-based learning, and employment for students.  Partnerships with Camas School District, Clark College, and Washington State University Vancouver are Helping to create a homegrown, qualified tech workforce.  

It has been more than two years since the State of Washington designated the Vancouver/Camas IPZ.

Now more than 45 tech firms call downtown Vancouver home and project-based learning programs are preparing Camas students with baseline skills needed for local tech jobs.

This is the result of committed collaboration and hard work by the IPZ partners – through events, business assistance, infrastructure, workforce training, mentorships, education, marketing, and business recruitment. We expect growth to continue through the cultivation of partnerships between higher education, private businesses and local governments and agencies. Let’s take a look back at some of the accomplishments made in downtown Vancouver in the last two years.

Entrepreneurs like to be around other entrepreneurs. It attracts the right talent.

— George DeCarlo, Woobox

A meet-up that brings tech professionals, enthusiasts, and investors together in and around the Vancouver Washington Innovation Partnership Zone.
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Needs Analysis Report
We asked a number of our partners for information about their interests in Vancouver, what they look for in a city, and details about their business. Check out the report.

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A user group for Ruby programmers welcome to anyone interested in learning about the Ruby tool-set and meeting other developers north of the river.
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The MAP Tech Collective within WSU Vancouver's Carson College of Business offers cohort-based training that is designed to accelerate the growth of your business and provide access to resources to help you move your company forward.
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Vancouver Vision Magazine
On page 21, meet some of the impactful players in Vancouver's technology boom.
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Vancouver Business Journal
"IPZ Helping to Grow Tech Scene in Downtown Vancouver"
State designation successfully bringing like-minded businesses to the heart of the city.
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