The IPZ mission is to grow the need and market for applied digital technologies by fostering education, research and economic partnerships.

Four Goals

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Marketing & Networking

Business Development & Recruiting

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Infrastructure & Place-Making

Education & Training


The Innovation Partnership Zone is a Washington State Department of Commerce designation. The IPZ was created to stimulate the growth of industry clusters within specific geographic areas. IPZs must have three types of institutions- a research university, an industry cluster and a workforce training provider. the designation lasts for four years.  Currently, there are 18 IPZs across the state. 


The Vancouver-Camas IPZ was awarded its IPZ designation for an applied digital technology accelerator. This will significantly boost the region’s ability to grow a knowledge-based economy and enhance jobs and business opportunities in emerging digital industries. The IPZ is focused on two geographic areas: the Downtown start-up community and technology campuses along the 192nd corridor. 


The Innovation Partnership Zone Has some wins to celebrate.