And with a wave of the hand… Portland’s early gesture recognition player ONtheGO Platforms acquired by Atheer

"What began with Google Glass has ended in a successful exit for ONtheGO Platforms—and the local investors who took a risk on the company before it was clear where the market was going. Atheer has acquired OTG for its team and technology, who were early players in exploring the potential of gestures within virtual and physical environments.

“Gesture recognition technology has been around for decades and mobile devices have recently become a viable candidate for this computationally heavy technology,” said Ryan Fink, VP of Market Development at Atheer and former CEO of ONtheGO Platforms. “We’re thrilled to join Atheer, where together we will have the most comprehensive smart glasses platform and the most powerful gesture recognition system in the market that will further enhance productivity for deskless professionals worldwide.”

ONtheGO is an alum of the Startup PDX Challenge and Portland Seed Fund and part of Rogue Ventures portfolio.

“As an early investor and board member of OTG it’s been exciting to see their notable influence in the emerging smart glasses space,” said Tom Sperry, Managing Partner, Rogue Venture Partners. "We’re excited and proud about the Atheer acquisition and what they’ll be able to accomplish together.'"