IPZ continues to fuel downtown Vancouver’s tech scene

"As Vancouver enters its third year with an Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ) designation, officials say the city is poised for significant business growth.

“The last two years have been marked by successful strategic partnerships between private industry, education and government to build a strong and supportive network for our existing tech companies that will also appeal to potential company recruitments,” said Max Ault, director of business growth and development for the Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC).

In 2013, the Washington State Department of Commerce designated downtown Vancouver’s start-up community and the technology campuses along the 192nd corridor as IPZ areas focused on digital technology acceleration.

“Since receiving the IPZ designation, the region has made significant progress on efforts to support the applied digital technology cluster here in Southwest Washington,” said Ault.

Downtown Vancouver has grown from 12 to about 45 tech and digital marketing companies, including Ambient, GG Interactive (Garage Games) and Blue Blazes, to name a few."