After Intel's social wins, Krzanich implores tech colleagues to seek more diversity, conflict minerals improvements

"Intel CEO Brian Krzanich once again used his time on tech’s big Consumer Electronic Show stage to highlight two areas where the industry must improve: the elimination of conflict minerals from the supply chain and more diversity within tech.

“As technology becomes more and more integrated and part of people’s lives, the responsibility to be a leader in every sense grows for this audience,” he said. “I have been on this stage twice before and each time I have used this opportunity to raise an issue that matters to people around the world.”

Last year, Krzanich committed Intel to a goal of achieving full representation of women and minorities within Intel’s U.S. workforce by 2020. He also committed $300 million toward the initiative.

In its first year, the company exceeded its internal hiring goal. In 2015, 43 percent of the company’s new employees were women and minorities. The company also improved retention rates, he said.

“We have new goals in 2016 and new initiatives,” he said. “Hiring and retention are just a piece of the picture.”

The company will also release an inclusion report twice a year. This year's first report arrives Feb. 3.

Krzanich also called on the rest of the industry to address the growing problem of online harassment. To that end, Intel, along with Vox Media, Re/Code and the Born This Way Foundation are unveiling an initiative Thursday.

“ We must remember that behind every device, every game, every connection, every tweet, is a real person. With real needs for safety and inclusion,” he said..."