IPZ Needs Analysis Report

The Innovation Partnership Zone is an initiative designed to grow the tech cluster in Vancouver, WA. It brings together public and private sector partners that work collaboratively to address the needs of creative firms. This includes education and workforce training, business assistance, networking events, recruitment and marketing, infrastructure investment, and creating active urban spaces.  In order to ensure that the IPZ is meeting the needs of creative companies, we conduct an annual needs analysis to inform our efforts.

In 2016, our partners told us about the need for amenities, the importance of finding the right talent, and much more. Key findings include:

100 percent of companies purchase from, sell or contract with local companies

The top five skills companies are hiring for are: marketing, engineering, management, web development, and sales

A  vibrant downtown/urban core is very important to companies within the IPZ

Access to affordable office space is extremely important to companies within the IPZ

78% of companies within the IPZ are interested in being connected with talent through WSU Vancouver and Clark College

You can find the full IPZ Needs Analysis Report on our website- www.ipzgetin.com.