Perfect Company: Perfecting IoT applications for the smart kitchen

"The fantasy of the smart kitchen has been around since the Jetsons, and even though we now have the software and sensors to enable these very complex networks, the connected kitchen remains mostly a pipe dream.

That may be starting to change according to Mike Wallace, co-founder and CEO of Perfect Company, a software and electronics firm based in Vancouver, Washington. And Wallace’s Bluetooth-powered food scale may be at the center of it.

One of the reasons that smart kitchen scenarios have been so slow to become reality is that major appliance manufacturers are still trying to figure out the business proposition for building smart appliances, said Wallace.

“An industry that makes expensive, long-lived hardware moves slowly. We’ve instrumented the software on all our products to communicate with other devices,” he said. “And if we can deliver a critical mass of users already using an interconnected IoT software platform, that part of the business proposition is solved for appliance manufacturers.”

Perfect Company bills itself as an Internet of Things company that produces smart devices for the smart home. These include Perfect Drink, a home bartending product that connects a wireless scale to a smartphone or tablet app, which provides recipes and helps measure the ingredients for a cocktail...

The business is growing fast at its location in downtown Vancouver, with employee headcount doubling since becoming Perfect Company. In addition to hiring more app developers, web developers, and QA and customer service staff, the company recently hired three full-time chefs to develop more recipes in the office’s new test kitchen."