Dave Barcos: Looking to build hangout, startup culture

"Dave Barcos wants you to hang out. With him, with each other and with ideas. It’s just the best way to turn startups into success stories, he says.

“I’m just trying to pull that community together,” said Barcos, who lives in Vancouver. “We’re not a hangout town — Vancouver doesn’t hang out the way Portland does.”

But if it did, oh boy, would things start to happen, he believes.

Barcos, founder of The Startup Brand, has a passion for building a startup culture in Vancouver. He said almost all the pieces for doing that exist; they just need to come together.

“That ecosystem of hanging-out events and education is vital,” he said. “We’ve got critical mass in Vancouver, but the problem is no one is doing it."

So for the past year, Barcos, 51, launched StartupVan.co and has taken to starting a coworking space and organizing events such as Startup Weekend and the upcoming Founder Institute classes..."