Regus meets ‘pent-up demand’ for plug-and-play office space by adding a second Vancouver location

"When you need office space, two options are buying your own building or leasing one. But there is a third option – renting a furnished office equipped with support staff and all the necessary infrastructure. Regus, a leading provider of such office space, has a global network of 3,000 locations – 16 in the Portland/Vancouver area.

On March 14, Regus opened its second Vancouver location, on the fourth floor at 1220 Main Street. Similar to the company’s Vancouver Mall location, the new location is in a high-traffic area near many amenities.

“Through our success at our Vancouver Mall location, we have been looking for opportunities to expand in Vancouver,” said Lance Gardner, Washington/Oregon vice president for Regus. “The first opportunity is the downtown location. We are also looking at options east of I-205.”

Companies such as Regus offer affordability through economy of scale. Clients can take advantage of prime office location without having to worry about decorating, hiring a receptionist, installing Wi-Fi or phone. They can focus on running their business and let Regus handle the rest..."