The Bridge: Developing Main Street Vancouver - May 23

DEVELOPING MAIN STREET is an event to bring together two communities who need each other. The main street business owners and the experts in the technology businesses use every day.

This event is important for local main street businesses because they often don’t have the skills to manage the complexity of what it takes to make their business operate smoothly and grow. They need more in-depth knowledge and often don’t know where to go. Our event will help business owners pinpoint their tech challenges and then put them together with experts where they can get answers.

We will have experts in:

  • Online Sales
  • Cloud Applications
  • Crowdsourcing services
  • Website

Monday, May 23
5:30pm 9:30pm

Hudson Community Room 100
West 5th Street
Vancouver, WA, 98660

Register at:!schedule-1/ewrys