Vancouver, WA Is the Next Beer Town You're Not Paying Attention To

"Make room, Portland: you’re not the only city on the Columbia that’s fostering a beer scene with the big, bold, citrusy, piney IPAs that have come to exemplify the craft beer of the PNW. Our neighbors across the river in Vancouver, WA, have been silently building their own brewing culture for the past few years, and now it’s time they’re recognized as a welcome peer in all things malty, hoppy, and yeasty.

A mere five years ago, beer enthusiasts of the ‘Couve had only two or three local breweries to visit, which may or may not have included a friend’s basement, where they were asked to taste a lager that may or may not have been contaminated. Now, by some estimates, Clark County will have 19 breweries by the end of the year, and just hosted its fifth brewfest to show them all off.

Vancouver's scene is at an exciting point in its growth: big enough to be taken seriously, but small enough to remain loyal to the locals, and for brewers to promote each other’s brands with pride. You don’t have to look much further than the Brewcouver passport, which charts nine breweries within a two mile radius, to sense the camaraderie behind the taps..."