HP Inc. opens doors to new offices in Vancouver

"The Silicon Forest has grown a new grove.

HP Inc. let members of the media poke around its new open offices in Vancouver on Tuesday while the company opened up about its initiatives.

Employees speckled the 58,000-square-foot expansion at the Columbia Tech Center, with its industrial feel accented with wood and a courtyard with, true to tech company form, a pingpong table.

“Innovation is culture,” said Chief Technology Officer Shane Wall during a presentation from one of the office’s auditoriums. “It is what we do every day to build and instill an open spirit.”

Several departments have moved to the nearly completed expansion, made necessary when HP ran out of room two years ago at its main campus across the street. Launching the next industrial revolution, as the company plans, requires some extra space — and more employees, which it still needs.

“Last month, we announced … the first production-ready printing solutions on the market,” said Steve Nigro, president of 3-D printing. “Companies already say they want to use 3-D printing for production,” and not just prototypes and designs.

Nigro, based in Vancouver, said the company is looking to move the $5 billion 3-D printing industry into the $12 trillion manufacturing economy, giving manufacturers the capabilities to produce their own parts — HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3-D printers can already produce many of its own parts..."