NetRush carves out niche helping businesses pitch their goods on Amazon

"If your business involves selling a product on the vast Amazon marketplace, a small-but-growing Vancouver company can help you stake your claim in that wild, wild West of online retail.

NetRush, a 10-year-old company in east Vancouver, has carved out a niche in the online retail frontier by helping companies such as Oregon-based Bob’s Red Mill and Leatherman pitch their products online. NetRush has exclusive rights to sell those companies’ products and a couple dozen other health, personal care and outdoor brands on Amazon.

In effect, NetRush is itself an independent retailer within the Amazon labyrinth for the brands it represents. Its work includes writing up product descriptions, posting photos, flagging unauthorized sellers and arranging for product shipments through Amazon’s fulfillment centers. The goal is to make sure customers find quality and pricing consistent with what they would expect at a brick-and-mortar store.

Without such skilled help, brands can easily lose control over how they are represented, said CFO Chris Marantette, who founded NetRush with company CEO Brian Gonsalves in 2006.

“Amazon can be a huge obstacle — or opportunity,” Marantette said. “It’s an ecosystem. … If the customer has options, that’s a win for the brand.”

NetRush, which, until recently, has had a low profile locally, is itself looking like a winner. The company generated $59.4 million in revenue in 2015. It is on a hiring spree and expects to reach 50 employees this summer at its Columbia Tech Center headquarters. The Portland Business Journal recently ranked NetRush the No. 1 creative agency in the metro area..."