WideAngle Studios: Homegrown storyteller

"WideAngle Studios of Vancouver is a fast-growing player in the high-tech world of video production – the kind of dot-com business that gravitates toward Seattle and Silicon Valley, Calif., or maybe Hollywood.

You might compare WideAngle to some hypothetical local garage band that’s beginning to make it big: The musicians can’t wait to put Vancouver in their rear-view mirror on their way to Los Angeles or Nashville.

But David Alonzo, who grew up here and created WideAngle Studios while a student at WSU Vancouver, runs it out of his East Vancouver home and has no such get-out-of-Dodge notion.

This producer of TV commercials, business films, documentaries and video promotions for corporations and nonprofits, isn’t looking to move to a high-tech mecca, even though WideAngle’s tentacles reach to San Jose, Calif.

Alonzo says he’s staying right here and, as much as possible, contracting homegrown talent – both technical and creative. “I make an effort to hire people on our side of the river whenever possible.”

Many WideAngle projects require about a dozen contract employees, Alonzo says, including videographers, motion graphic designers, actors and actresses, a producer and other specialists.

Moreover, one of Alonzo’s long-range goals is to establish permanent, full-time studio here – not only for WideAngle’s inside work but also for rent to individuals, groups or businesses needing space, equipment or personnel for creating and editing video or audio projects.

“It would be a community resource – something not now available in Vancouver,” Alonzo says..."