Code & Learn: A Vantechy Track

Code 1.png

This week Chris Tower will be showing us a program he built in Java to manage data in a stack data structure. We'll then have a group discussion on C implementation of the structure, describing where he's at and seeing if we can identify the bug. The second hour, as usual, will be free-form discussion and coding for people of all skill levels.

Here's the summary of Chris's work for anyone who would like to look ahead:

Vantechy Code and Learn is a twice-monthly meetup designed for people interested in coding to hone their skills and meet other like-minded people on this side of the river.

Come and join us for a low-key coding event where beginners can learn to program, experienced devs can work on their projects, and everyone can socialize with other coders!

No experience? No problem! People of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome. All you need is a computer.

A few learning resources: